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About Us

Friends Jewellers Ltd is a family owned business with a corporate identity.  Based in the Midlands it is one of the largest wholesalers in the Jewellery industry. We specialize in bespoke jewellery with a turnaround time of maximum of four weeks no matter how intricate the designs are.

All we need is picture of the Jewellery you want made and we will make it for you just the way you want it. We also make 24ct jewellery for the traditional customers.
The company consists of four directors.
Mr.Charanji Lal is the Managing Director of the company and has been in the jewellery Industry since 1963. In 2013 Friends Jewellers Would have been established for 40 years.He has vast knowledge in Asian Jewellery both manufacturing and trading. He brings his rich experience to the company and is the key in the success of the retail side of the business.

Mrs K Rani is the Retail Sales Director of the company and she looks after all the retail sales in the company. She is ably assisted by Rita Datt and the sales staff who ensure the smooth operations on the retail side of the business.
Mr Ashok Kumar is the Company Secretary and Also the Operations Director of the company. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He brings his rich management Skills and experience in the jewellery industry to the business and has been instrumental in the giving the company a corporate identity which makes us unique.

Mr Raj Kumar is the Wholesale sales Director of the Company. He is wholly responsible for the whole sale aspect of the business and under his experienced guidance the company has grown in the wholesale market to emerge as one of the largest wholesaler in the industry. He has unparallel knowledge and experience in Asian Jewellery and uses his expertise to enrich the knowledge base of the company.

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